Wellnessfix Dubai

So the majority of my clients are now back to training 💪🏼 I do have a couple of morning slots available if anyone is interested. ⠀

Not only do I have regular massages myself, I also advise my clients to find the time for a monthly massage but with @wellnessfixdubai a weekly massage is now possible! ⠀

They provide convenient 30 minute massages without the hassle of undressing and oils. The ambience is relaxed and all staff are highly skilled!⠀

No booking required- walk in whenever you have a spare 30 minutes, I promise you won’t regret it 😉⠀

For a limited time only you can quote ‘Chelsee20’ to receive 20% off an already affordable service. ⠀

@wellnessfixdubai 💚

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