Fighting Flu Season

So we are at the height of flu/sickness season here in Dubai...⠀

Im not going to suggest ways to fight the flu because let’s face it, here in Dubai we don’t really seem to get away with it due to constantly being in and out of the Ac 😖⠀

But I do have a couple of recommendations how you could possibly recover quicker 👇🏼 ⠀

✖️ Do not, I repeat do not go to the gym and try and ‘sweat it out’. The gym is a breeding ground for illnesses, so all you are going to achieve is encourage this sickness and possibly spread it to others. ⠀

✔️At first signs of sickness take some Flu capsules such as Panadol. Ensure your diet is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.⠀

✖️ Don’t feel guilty for cancelling plans or a PT session. Take advantage of that extra hour in bed or that cheeky siesta when the kids are at school. ⠀

✔️ If you are feeling super lethargic and absolutely must do something then I would advise to practice some very light yoga at home. @adrienelouise has some great videos on her YouTube channel. ⠀

So to those that are currently ill, I wish for you a speedy recovery and to see you ‘fighting fit’ at one of my Boxfit classes very soon😉🥊⠀

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