Do you own a smart watch or does it own you?!

So the majority of us own a apple watch or Fitbit but how many of us are actually owned by them?!⠀

How many times have you worked out without it or had it on and it’s paused half way through the workout so it didn’t calculate the workout? How does this make you feel? 9x out of 10 it has probably annoyed you or even to the point of ruined your workout even though you probably worked out hard!⠀

Then there’s the sleep factor...How many of you wear them to bed and let the watch track your sleep? Waking up after a not so good sleep, you decide to check your watch anyhow and it says 3.5hours sleep only! For the rest of the day you will go around telling people this which will only make you feel more tired! ⠀

So moral of the story make sure you OWN your watch and not the other way around! ⠀

It feels so good to disconnect from technology on a daily basis- Smart Watches are no exception! ⌚️

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